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gaming room cottages zestimate

 gaming room cottages zestimate

Enjoy Gaming in Hotels

If you’re looking for a bit more, you can try parasailing, or parasailing with the wind. The Caribbean is a great place for this, as the trade winds usually blow.
The Turks and Caicos Islands are a chain of islands between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. The largest of these is Grand Turk Island, which is about 1,000 miles long and up to 60 miles wide, and is where the islands’ names were first given — Grand Turk, Providenciales, and Cat Island. Grand Turk Island is home to the Caribbean’s largest coral reef, the West and East passes, and a number of smaller reefs. It is part of the Turks and Caicos Islands archipelago, which is also known as the
For an all-new experience, ride the free tram. This one-line mode of transportation makes for a quick (and healthily) way to get around Grand Turk. When the tram comes back around, you’ll have a chance to experience Grand Turk’s natural beauty and tropical beaches without having to drive your own vehicle. You’ll be able to explore some of the best snorkeling, boogie boarding, paddle boarding, and scuba diving that the Bahamas has to offer.
Great diving!
Learn about the reefs and other marine life during a full-day snorkeling excursion. Equipment is provided. Non-snorkelers are welcome upon prior notice. At the end of the day, a briefing will be provided, and certificates will be available.
  • The Best Zillow Tips for Home Buyers and Sellers

    If you're looking to buy a new home, the place to start is Zillow. The authors will teach you the tricks that only realtors know.
  • Not that long ago, buying a home meant you scoured print advertisements and called up a realtor with access to Multiple Listing Service (MLS(Opens in a new window)) networks—there are 900+ of them in the US, only for agents and brokers.
  • Founded in 2004 by former execs from the travel sites and Microsoft's spin-off Expedia, Zillow calls itself a media company first and foremost—it happens to traffic in media about places to live.
  • These days if you see an ad for a house or apartment in a print publication, it likely came from Zillow.
  • Zillow's other favorite stat: 67% of homebuyers use Zillow at some point
  • Think Hard About FSBO

    FSBO stands for "for sale by owner," which translates to "The author is not using a real estate agent." That can save money—the average a seller gives up is about 6% of the sale price.
  • That means if you sell a house for 100,000, you only get94,000; the other $6,000 goes to the realtor or their office at closing and is typically split with the buyer's broker.
  • The author can tell you having an agent or broker is worth it, but Zillow makes the FSBO option to save money look tempting.
  • You're at a disadvantage from the get-go against all the other houses for sale, which are pulled from the MLS.
  • Most people who want to see your house for sale still have an agent or broker that wants to get paid their half of the typical commission.
  • Zillow prefers to send people to agent-represented homes, not FSBO sellers—because the agents pay for those leads.
  • Expect to still pay 6% even if you do gamble on a FSBO
  • Get a Pro Photographer

    But like most of us, they're not necessarily skilled photographers.
  • It may feel like a needless expense, but great photos of your home taken by a pro can make a huge difference in a sale.
  • No home wants to end up featured on Terrible Real Estate Agent Photos(Opens in a new window).
  • You need quality shots with proper staging of a cleaned-up home.
  • The ideal range of photos in a listing, according to Zillow, is 22 to 27 images.
  • The author's pet peeve: not seeing the interior of the garage or the outbuildings like sheds.
  • They are just as important as any fancy upstairs bathroom, maybe more!.
  • Not more than 10 minutes. (Agents, you can put branding on the first and/or last 15 seconds of a video.)
  • Metaverse That Home

    It may not be a Zuckerberg level of meta, but you can put a three-dimensional tour up in the listing.
  • It requires you or your realtor to use the free app called Zillow 3D Home(Opens in a new window), available for iOS or Android.
  • Maybe you can do a 3D Home tour that has an interactive floor plan(Opens in a new window).
  • (Every listing really should have a floor plan, essentially a blueprint of the layout of the house.) This option lets people can see the house layout and where they'd be standing when looking at a 3D panorama of each spot.
  • Snag a realtor or photog who uses a third-party 3D capture system, like Matterport(Opens in a new window) or iGuide(Opens in a new window).
  • Both can be used in, or at least linked to via, Zillow listings
  • Reset Your Days on Market

    The average number of days on the market for a home was 140; in 2020 it dropped to 25 days(Opens in a new window).
  • It's become one of those weird things about home sales: The longer a house stays on the market, even with price drops, a house gets a taint of...undesirable.
  • Zillow prominently displays how long a house has been on the market under the Overview section, as "Time on Zillow." There are ways to reset this back to zero.
  • One is to go from being an FSBO to getting an agent, or vice versa.
  • Another is to take the house off the market for 31+ days put it back on.
  • You can't do anything on Zillow itself to reset the number
  • Recommended by Our Editors

    The "views" and "saves" are numbers you want to be high—but they are not cumulative for the time the house is on the market.
  • They only show views and saves made over the previous 30 days.
  • Don't be shocked if those numbers go down over time.
  • Saves do down if someone actively "unsaves" the listing
  • Make any shape search area you want

    You may want to buy in a specific town or zip code, but that means getting listings even for areas/neighborhoods/sections you don't want.
  • Make a blob to cover the east, and a square down to the southwest, whatever best covers your preferred future-home territory
  • Couple this with narrowing your search for specifics like the number of bathrooms or bedrooms and you'll only see the listings that really fit for you.
  • Create Some Comps "Comps" is real estate lingo for the most recently sold houses in the immediate area that closely match the one you're buying or selling.
  • They give you a good idea of how to price a house, which is a better gauge than a Zestimate.
  • If you don't get any matching results, reset some of the parameters, such as expanding the range of years around when your house was built
  • This Day in History

    Stop making spreadsheets to compare the houses you're interested in.
  • Save the homes you like, click into your Saved Homes(Opens in a new window) listing, check off the Compare checkbox on up to five of them, and tap the Compare button.
  • You'll get a nice grid showing the status, price, Zestimates, number of rooms, and so on.
  • It's all the data you'd get in a single listing but compared across multiple properties
  • Share Listings as a Group Sport

    Zillow has a feature to do collaborative shopping called SharePlay.
  • Activate it during a FaceTime call on the iPhone or iPad, and you can share a whole listing with a partner (Zillow says 86% of their users are shopping for a house with someone else) or other interested family and friends.
  • You can even share virtual walkthroughs and interactive floor plans, so it's almost like being there together
  • Zestimates rarely match reality

    The Zestimate is arguably Zillow's biggest contribution to the home search world besides having listings—it's a home valuation model that tries to give buyers and sellers a real-world valuation of a home, using an algorithm based on previous sales, comparative sales, and locally assessed taxes and bank appraisals.
  • In late 2021, Zillow upgraded the algorithm with a neural network, whatever that really means, to improve on its error rate.
  • Unshakeable faith in the Zestimate can lead to sellers and buyers who won't negotiate because they won't go lower or higher, respectively, than what that magical number says.
  • Another reason to only take the Zestimate with a grain of salt: Zillow itself used the Zestimates as the guide to buying up homes to flip as an iBuyer.
  • Be flexible and realize that the Zestimate is, as one analyst called it, "a toy."(Opens in a new window)
  • Tips for Renters

    Zillow is no in a new window), but it competes via listings for rentals(Opens in a new window).
  • You can set a search for rental properties and set the parameters to get specifics, like laundry services, included parking, or allowing for pets.
  • Narrow the search under the More button to include "Accepts Zillow Applications"—this allows you to apply to a landlord directly via Zillow without even visiting first.
  • (Landlords can set this up in their listings using the Zillow Rental Manager(Opens in a new window).).
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  • Findings

    A key reason Zillow recommends going 3D is, there are 45% more views on listings with a 3D walkthrough
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    The author has been writing about computers, the internet, and technology professionally for 30 years, more than half of that time with PCMag. the author arrived for the end of the print era of PC Magazine as a senior writer.
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